A Merrimack education is grounded in an in-depth knowledge built within the classroom, accented by enriching hands-on learning opportunities. This allows Merrimack students to gain real-world experience and a greater, deeper understanding of their area of study in order to be confident and highly prepared for their future careers.

Recently, four Merrimack students, along with two of their professors, completed an intensive data analytics project for Watts Water Technologies—a global provider of plumbing, heating and water quality solutions for residential, industrial, municipal and commercial settings.

Joe Borgatti ’16, Tori Thistle ’18, Nick Santosuosso ’16 and Robyn Stanley ’17 served as members of the interdisciplinary team of students across multiple majors working on this project.

“I really enjoyed being a part of the Watts Water project because of the fact that we worked as an interdisciplinary team. Being able to work with students from different majors was important because to solve complex problems that face our world, I will have to work with others from different fields—and learn from them. Working on this project, outside of the classroom, gave me a glimpse of what life after college will be like.” Tori Thistle ’18

With a focus on statistical revenue breakdowns, the team went to work running extensive analyses on Watts Water’s historical data. Facing challenging issues such as an examination of replacement parts versus new construction, the team successfully created a model to forecast the company’s revenue and presented it to the senior management team.

Stepping out of the classroom allowed these students the opportunity to engage and network with industry professionals, strategize solutions to real-world problems, and develop a wide set of valuable skills. With opportunities such as this one, Merrimack students gain strong, practical knowledge that puts them ahead of the pack in the world’s rapidly evolving professional arena.

“Helping students understand, and then articulate, their value to employers and graduate schools prepares them to navigate not only their first job but their fifth.”
Courtney Luongo 
Assistant Vice President and Executive Director,
O’Brien Center for Career Development