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Pursuing True Distinction

“Our mission is to provide a student-centered learning environment in which students are actively engaged in their educational experience. We want to create a home away from home while supporting them in developing a deeper understanding of different ways of thinking, leadership, mutual respect, friendship, personal responsibility, and accountability for one’s actions.” —President Hopey


Several of the goals set out in the Agenda for Distinction-Pursuing True Distinction– enhancing student life, investing in core academic areas, building signature programs, and creating a modern residential campus are all being advanced with recent developments on campus. With the assistance of critical financial partners, President Hopey has led extensive campus improvements aimed at meeting the needs of the community; attracting the next generation of students, faculty, and staff; and increasing the value of a Merrimack College degree.

When students arrived on campus this past September, they Were greeted with several new physical transformations and Improvements all over campus. From the expansion of the Volpe Athletic Center to the early stages of five new residence Halls, investments in the College are generating excitement, Spurring philanthropy, and enhancing Merrimack’s already Beautiful setting. But even more than that, a stronger sense of Community has emerged as people rally behind Merrimack’s Strategic vision.

Echoing this sentiment, President Hopey spoke at the Volpe Athletic Center groundbreaking, “More rare than a community Coming together to create a vision is having members of the Community offer their individual and collective talents to Achieve common aspirations. At Merrimack College, across All levels—faculty, advisors, staff, alumni, and students—we Are working together to achieve a new level of distinction. Yet our efforts are just beginning. With the ongoing support And involvement of all stakeholders, the future for Merrimack Is very bright. Very bright indeed.”

Volpe Athletic Center Expansion
The Volpe Athletic Center Expansion Project is critical to Attaining key agenda goals: to strengthen Merrimack’s Competitive position and value proposition, and to inspire And engage Merrimack’s people, culture, and community.

The 83,000 square foot expansion includes space for the sports Medicine and athletic training programs, a second rink, and Relocation of the campus bookstore and student health center To better serve student needs. The expansion also includes plans For a new lobby, concession facilities, a pro shop, and additional Luxury boxes—all designed to enhance the student experience.

Made possible through a generous unrestricted gift of $2 Million from Richard and Susanna Gallant and the Islanders Hockey Club, the Volpe Athletic Center expansion is an Integral component of the college’s comprehensive enrollment Growth strategy.


Building an academic enterprise:
Investing in the core
The Volpe Athletic Center’s extensive expansion project will add approximately 83,000 square feet that includes space for the sports medicine and athletic training programs.

Sports medicine and athletic training are among merrimack’s Fastest-growing majors. With that in mind, the sports Medicine center at volpe will equip future practitioners, Educators, and researchers in the fields of exercise science, Human performance, health promotion, athletic training, allied Health, nutrition, and more. The enhanced center will feature Fully-equipped, state-of-the-art classrooms and will provide Health science majors with real-world opportunities that Combine classroom work with internships and relevant clinical And professional experience. Expansion of the sports medicine Facilities will also allow for greater public-private partnerships As we provide health, wellness, and fitness services to the Merrimack college community.

On the path to distinction:
Division I across all sports
In addition to being the first significant step in moving Toward college-wide division i status, the expansion of the Volpe athletic center allows for the enhancement of the College’s athletic facilities, including weight rooms, locker Rooms for men’s and women’s sports, and top-of-the-line training equipment.

The project also includes the addition of a second ice rink, Which will position Merrimack College as a premier hockey Center, enabling youth, college, and semi-pro teams to Compete at the highest levels.

More places to live, more like home:
New student residences
Supporting the agenda goal of enhancing residential And student life at merrimack college, the student Residences project is a critical initiative within the college’s Comprehensive growth strategy—one that is aimed at enrolling 3,000 undergraduate students and providing on-campus Housing for 80 percent of them by 2021.

Says president hopey, “merrimack continues to enroll more Students each year—fueling greater demand for student Housing. At the beginning of the fall semester, the college Was at 107% housing capacity—a major leap when you consider That there were empty beds on campus only two years ago. This Heightened demand for housing is further validation that the Agenda for distinction’s focus on enhancing the residential Experience to meet the housing needs of our students is critical To our future growth and success.”

Composed of five two- and three-story residences across Two acres, merrimack’s new townhouse dormitories will be Located along walsh way in the heart of the college campus. Featuring both outdoor and indoor gathering spaces, these Contemporary, suite-style dorms will add 350 additional beds, Bringing the total on-campus residential capacity to 1,950 Students. The project also includes ten residential assistant Units, a residential director apartment, a student community Space, laundry rooms, and trash/recycling facilities.

Positioned in the center of campus, the new residences will Allow students to participate in affinity living programs. Writers’ houses, greek floors, and honors areas, among others, Will provide purposeful living opportunities in a unique Residential setting—enhancing the student experience for those With specific academic or professional interests.

“With shared study spots, courtyards, and communal porches, These residence halls were designed with with a sense of Community in the forefront.” Says felipe schwarz, assistant Vice president of external affairs. “the village feel of the Residence halls will only be enhanced by growing our living And learning communities.”