Seen and Heard On Campus


The Merrimack College LogoDrawing on our rich history, the new logo reinterprets elements from the college seal in a more modern and simple way. The logo includes four quadrants containing three images: a book with the words “Tolle Lege” (“take up and read”) from Saint Augustine, waves that represent the “swift water” of the Merrimack Valley Native Americans, and the cross from the coat of arms of the Archdiocese of Boston. The symbolism of our colors remains unchanged: blue for loyalty and gold for wisdom.

Wavy lines represent water in heraldry, so wavy pallets were chosen to represent Merrimack, which meant “swift water” to some of the Native Americans who once lived in the Merrimack Valley. The cross fleurette refers to the French ancestry of Bishop Cheverus, the first Bishop of Boston (1810–1823). Thus the shield refers to the name of this Augustinian college and to its location in the Archdiocese of Boston. The trimount also is a charge on the coat of arms of Pope Pius XII, during whose pontificate Merrimack College was established. The Order of Saint Augustine is represented by the image of a book imprinted with the famous words connected with Saint Augustine’s conversion, “Tolle Lege” (“take up and read”).