Investing in the Core

Meeting the Demand

New Graduate Programs

Launched this fall, Merrimack’s Master of Science in Management and Master of Science in Engineering programs both feature innovative formats, curriculum, and experiential components. In addition, Merrimack’s already robust portfolio of graduate education programs now offer concentrations in licensure, higher education, and community engagement.

Merrimack’s graduate programs are designed for:
• Undergraduate students who wish to acquire both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in just five years—in what we call a 4+1 format
• Students with associate degrees who wish to obtain their bachelor and master degrees in three years, at one school
• Young professionals who wish to acquire their master’s degree via a one-year intensive format
• Professionals who want to earn a graduate degree part-time while continuing to work
• Students who want to gain work experience by participating in a co-operative education or internship program

Investing in the Core> Master of Science in Management
A dynamic offering, the Master of Science in Management program is carefully structured to meet the demands of early- career professionals. With courses in finance, marketing, project management, and global economics, the program focuses on practical application and features real-world case studies, interactive discussions, and hands-on exercises— enabling students to put classroom lessons into action, right then and there. For maximum flexibility, courses are held on campus in the early evening so students can maximize their time at work or in a co-op or internship.

Mark Cordano, Dean, Girard School of Business and International Commerce says “The Master of Science in Management provides early-career students with a distinct advantage. An attractive alternative to a traditional, two-year MBA program, this highly integrated, results-driven program allows students to earn an advanced business degree in just one year. Upon successful completion, they will emerge career- ready, armed with the skills and tools they need to effectively compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment.”

Investing in the Core> Master of Science in Engineering
Engineering, at its core, is about changing the world. Through the development of innovative products, systems, and solutions, engineers solve many of mankind’s most complex problems.

Across nearly every industry—from healthcare and energy to transportation and communications—companies are in need of flexible, forward-thinking engineers whose knowledge spans many disciplines. The Master of Science in Engineering program addresses this growing need with a rigorous, multidisciplinary educational experience focused on society’s most pressing needs.

Student-centered curriculum, project-based activities, and peer-to-peer learning add depth and diversity to the program—helping students become adept problem solvers, communicators, and project leaders. Designed with convenience and flexibility in mind, the program offers afternoon and evening classes and can be completed in one year or longer, depending upon a student’s needs. The program’s innovative approach encourages students to develop global perspectives on crucial societal needs such as climate change, sustainable infrastructures, alternative fuels, green technologies, and information systems.

Says Mary Noonan, Associate Professor and Interim Dean, School of Science and Engineering, “Many of today’s most exciting and fastest-growing careers have their roots in engineering. Our curriculum prepares students to compete successfully across a wide range of disciplines and tackle pressing issues such as climate change and green technologies. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be equipped to solve technical challenges and effectively communicate ideas and results.”