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WHAT IS TOGETHER FOR GOOD? The connections that are made at Merrimack College last a lifetime. Underscoring this unique bond, Together for Good epitomizes the positive impact that can be made when we work together to advance Merrimack College’s goals. It embodies the Catholic Augustinian tradition that lives on in our mission to enlighten minds, engage hearts and empower lives. It also highlights Merrimack’s long-standing reputation for developing ethical leaders, in our school, in our community and out in our world. Together for Good is a reminder that our students, alumni and friends helped make Merrimack what it is today—and together, they will play a critical role in the college’s future.

Merrimack plans to raise $50 million in its first major fundraising campaign—Together for Good—the largest in the history of the college. As of October 2016, Merrimack had raised more than $28 million, 56 percent of its overall goal, through gifts from alumni and other donors.

Merrimack’s Sara Jane Brazda, senior vice president for development and alumni relations, has been instrumental in bringing this campaign to fruition. She says, “Of course fundraising is a goal, but money is just part of it. Through this campaign, we will raise opportunities for students, raise experiences for faculty and raise the quality of our community. And this will happen through both financial gifts and the engagement of our alumni, partners, friends and parents.” Designed to ignite the institutional pride and aspirations of the Merrimack community, the Together for Good Campaign will facilitate strategic investments in infrastructure, academic programs, support services, athletics, student experiences and scholarships. “This campaign will set the standard for engaging Merrimack’s external community and enriching the campus—helping elevate our visibility and competitive position,” says Brazda.


Campaign Chairs
Michael Crowe ’92 P’17
Kerridan Crowe P’17
Alfred Arcidi, Jr. ’84 P’06 P’18
Mary Louise Arcidi P’06 P’18
Honorary Chair Charlie Day ’98

Vice Chairs
Innovating for Good
Michael Franco ’81 and Mary Franco ’81

Building for Good
Frank Girard ’62 H’16 G’17
Bruce Bouchard ’79

Competing for Good
Richard Gallant H’15
Lee Slattery ’81

Standing Up for Good
James Zampell ’75 and Christine Zampell ’75
Jack Boyce ’81 and Maryann Boyce ’81
Rev. Raymond F. Dlugos, O.S.A., Ph.D.

Merrimack Community
Dr. Kyle McInnis P’19

The Together for Good Campaign aims
to secure investments in four key areas:

  • Innovating for good
  • Building for good
  • Competing for good
  • Standing up for good

The campaign will also provide support for the Merrimack Fund and sponsored programs.


You’re invited to join as we help take Merrimack College to the next level, together. Says Brazda, “Participation can take many shapes, from making a financial gift to mentoring students to sharing your network to attending on-campus events. Here, our donors and alumni find that their efforts make a significant and meaningful impact. Thanks to President Hopey’s entrepreneurial approach and vision, we are able to quickly implement new ideas and programs, which is not always the case at bigger institutions.”